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Everyday Runaway “Things to do in Boise: A Boise, Idaho Travel Guide”

Boise may not be a typical vacation destination, and most may not know much about the city except that it’s the capital of Idaho, or that the football field has blue turf. However, there’s a lot more to Boise than you may realize. unbeknownst to visitors, Boise boasts a growing brewery scene, as well as a nearby wine country and growing urban wine trail. While the city is still small by comparison, Boise is quickly growing and developing a unique culture while maintaining its small town roots. If, by chance, you find yourself visiting the “City of Trees”, below are some of the best places to eat and drink in my hometown, Boise:


Alavita: (807 W Idaho St.)

Serving delicious “locally inspired Italian,” Alavita is one of my new favorite restaurants. Fresh, homemade pasta meet local, seasonal ingredients to inspire a new twist on Italian fare. The local and seasonal inspired cocktails are just as creative as the cuisine (try the Fireside chat). My favorite menu item is the Burrata cheese appetizer and the Cavatelli.

Fork: (199 N. 8th St.)

Fork is the “big brother concept” to Alavita. Not only do both restaurants share the same owners/founders, they also share the same “loyal to local” ideals and dedication to high-quality dishes and ingredients. Fork boasts creative, farm to table (or, farm to fork) style dishes as well as craft cocktails and local wines and beers. Try the grilled cheese and tomato soup fondue appetizer!

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