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05/04/20 Treasure Valley initiative benefits community one meal at a time

By Kristen McPeek ,

Boise is a city of good and there is a group here who wants to highlight that.

Businesses across the Treasure Valley are collaborating with local restaurants to bring people food.

It’s called ‘City of Good’.

Local restaurants like Bittercreek, Diablo And Sons, Fork, and Alavita are just some of the local restaurants helping out.

Through donations, these restaurants are preparing single meals and meal kits for those in need. People can purchase their own meals too.

These meals are then available for pickup on Saturday at The Boise Farmers Market or they can be delivered to your doorstep.

Mo Valco who works with the Boise Co-Op, another participating business, says they know there is a demand for food and the restaurants are ready to serve people.

“It’s really up to the kitchens what they want to make,” Valco said. “Each restaurant is making a different meal that’s available which is fun, so it’s not the same meal from every restaurant.”

These meals are keeping local restaurant employees working while dining rooms are closed and they’re sourcing from local farms.

Valko says this is an idea that’s blossomed out of a challenging time.

“One of the things we were really careful about and intentional in creating this program was finding ways to make it benefit the community in the long run,” Valco said. “We wanted restaurants to commit to using sustainable packaging, to paying livable wages, to sourcing from local farms.”

If you want to donate, volunteer, request, or purchase a meal you can find more information HERE.

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