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Idaho accounts for roughly one third of the nations potato harvest each year and grows one of the best potatoes in the world. Sure the ‘Gem State’ can serve up some delicious potatoes but they have much more to offer than some tasty spuds.


Chef Kris Ott is the Executive Chef for Fork and ALAVITA in the heart of downtown Boise. He received his training just outside of what some would consider the food capital of the world – Paris, France.


At Boise, Idaho’s Alavita, they believe great food need not be too convoluted or overwrought, but rather fresh, uncomplicated, relatable and well executed to get out of the way of the local ingredients and find pleasure in their natural flavors and qualities.


Boise may not be a typical vacation destination, and most may not know much about the city except that it’s the capital of Idaho, or that the football field has blue turf. However, there’s a lot more to Boise than you may realize.


Boise restaurants Fork and ALAVITA asked the community to nominate local nonprofits to receive a donation from the restaurants’ Corkage for Community Fund.

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